Kapiti Yoga warmly welcomes all people of all ages and abilities to share the healing benefits of yoga.

Kapiti Yoga is dedicated to providing high quality yoga classes in a supportive and caring environment, where students are encouraged to work within their own ability.

Through practicing at Kapiti Yoga, you will feel better, have greater concentration and focus, and improve your general wellbeing.

Yoga is an ancient science and holistic system for healing and nourishing body, mind and soul. In our busy lives we are incessantly thinking, planning, moving and it's easy to lose a mindful connection with our bodies.

Yoga helps to slow down the speed of our thoughts and this gives us increased clarity and concentration. Through the integration of movement with breath we connect the body and mind again, and arrive in the present moment. This is the gracious art of yoga, the art of living.

Gradually through your practice you will feel more balanced physically, mentally and emotionally. The physical poses provide increased energy, flexibility and strength as well as improved circulation, respiration, and skeletal alignment. As tensions, stress and stiffness are released you leave feeling calmer and more peaceful.

Over time your practice will evolve and although the postures themselves do not change, your relationship to them will.

You will start to notice that the inner peace you gain through a yoga class flows over into your everyday life. In these ways yoga is ever fresh; continually inspiring and challenging.

At Kapiti Yoga our 75 minute classes consist primarily of the physical asanas (postures) while also including spiritual aspects of traditional yoga practice.

Each class begins with a centering to clear the mind and relax the body. From this relaxed state we flow into a series of physical postures that combine stamina and strength work with suppleness. The postures are very harmonising for the nervous system and calming for the mind.

Correct body alignment is important but you are also encouraged to intuitively feel what your body needs and make adjustments as you require. You will be guided step by step, to the level that you are exploring as a group and individually as needed.

Full yogic breaths are emphasised in every class as they help to nurture the body with fresh prana or energy and to release stale air or toxins. Each class may also include pranayam; more specific breathing exercises to purify and balance the energy within the body.

Closing with a yoga nidra (deep relaxation), even if for only five minutes, is an important part of the class. Relaxation allows the body to feel, process and assimilate any internal changes that have occurred throughout your practice.