Director and Teacher at Kapiti Yoga

"Our yoga practice constantly needs to change and evolve in response to what is happening in our lives in the present moment. Yoga is a journey of self discovery, we learn about who we are, and about the unlimited potential within each of us.

After 26 years of practice I am still learning and am constantly amazed by the profound journey that yoga has to offer. I offer my humble gratitude to all yogis past and present who have walked the path of yoga."

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Senior Teacher at Kapiti Yoga

"Meditation and Yoga will help you live in the moment. We spend most of our time either dreaming about the past or worrying about the future- but the moment is all we have.

That's life; the future hasn't happened yet, so why spend your time worrying about it? You'll miss what's happening right now. We're alive right now. It's simple. But most spiritual things are."

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