Meditation and relaxation are proven to be effective in helping us remedy the impacts of modern day stress on our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. For this reason, more and more health care professionals are recommending meditation and relaxation practices.

Meditation practice brings increased mental awareness and clarity to your daily life. One of the reasons we suffer is because we lack of control over our subconscious mental habits.

Through meditation we are able to slow down and become aware of our thought processes, and the subsequent behaviours that lead us to suffering. This new awareness brings greater mental control, freedom from suffering and our lives change for the better.

Meditation helps us go beyond the shroud of desire and ego to find our true nature; the happiness, love, peace and bliss that is inside us all.

Kapiti Yoga offers meditation classes to help you live life more fully, reduce your stress levels and cultivate qualities such as acceptance, patience, and compassion.

Meditation is a way of achieving what the Buddhists call mindfulness – a state of calm awareness of your body and mind. While the main influences are Buddhism and Hatha Yoga, Kapiti Yoga meditation classes are non-religious and non-sectarian.

Please wear comfortable clothing (such as tights or loose pants) that allows you to move freely and sit without distraction. All practitioners are welome, from beginners to experienced practitioners.

Sit down, make yourself comfortable, close your eyes, relax your whole body and simply watch your breath.

Notice when you inhale and when you exhale. On the inhale you may wish to repeat, “I am aware I am breathing in.” On the exhale you may wish to repeat, “I am aware I am breathing out.”

These simple phrases help keep your mind focused and aware.

Notice when thoughts come up and allow them to go as quickly as they came.

No matter the number of thought distractions, continually bring yourself back to your breath.

Gradually, with practice, the number of unwanted thoughts will decrease and your level of concentration will increase.

At the beginning try to practice for just five or ten minutes at a regular time each day. It is not the length of time that matters, it’s that you do so regularly, this way meditation becomes a habit.

As you feel the benefits of meditation your motivation to practice will increase.