Senior Teacher at Kapiti Yoga

"Meditation and Yoga will help you live in the moment. We spend most of our time either dreaming about the past or worrying about the future - but the moment is all we have.

That's life; the future hasn't happened yet, so why spend your time worrying about it? You'll miss what's happening right now. We're alive right now. It's simple. But most spiritual things are."

Matt was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, where he was trained in the classical style of Hatha Yoga. After completing his training he taught on the Northern Beaches and in the inner city of Sydney.

Matt teaches all aspects of traditional, authentic yogic practices and philosophies, including asana (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), yoga nidra (relaxation) and meditation.

Matt has travelled to India and Europe, fully immersing himself in yogic culture and teachings. One of his passions is to synthesise his teaching of yoga postures with his knowledge of human anatomy. He has been teaching yoga part time for 14 years and is dedicated to spreading the benefits of yoga to the wider community.

Matt has experience teaching all levels of yoga classes and has designed and delivered yoga courses for sports people, private tuition, teenagers, and seniors. Matt also has extensive experience coordinating and leading workshops, retreats and yoga teacher trainings.